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The Bakery

Øbageren has grown out off the kitchen of Moen's vegetarian restaurant, YogaNamNam.

The heart of the bakery is our sourdough bread. We serve freshly made shakes, locally roasted coffee, abundantly simple sandwiches and home made lemonades.

With a focus on good taste, we source our foods from passionate growers and artisans, and carry this spirit into all our produce. Everything we serve is made from pure and fresh, organic and biodynamic raw materials.

You will find us at the Old Sugar Factory in Stege, in between REMA and Møn Bolcher.

We give thanks to animals, plants and human hands - and look forward to seeing you ❤


Monday - Friday:9am-4pm
Saturday - Sunday:9am-2pm

Kostervej 2A
4780 Stege

Vibe: 27 28 23 29
Jonas: 61 33 66 70

Our menu

To eat

Sourdough bun w. butter20 DKK
Sourdough bun w. raspberry jam25 DKK
Sourdough bun w. North Sea Cheese30 DKK
Sourdough bun w. honny and sunflower seed butter30 DKK
Sourdough bun w. cheese, mustard and pickled red onions42 DKK
Greek yoghurt w. raspberry jam, roasted almonds and buckwheat42 DKK
Raspberry muffin (gluten free)25 DKK
Chocolate fondant (gluten free)25 DKK
Sourdough cardemomme bun (only saturdays)25 DKK

To drink

Espresso / Americano25 DKK
Macchiato / Cortado30 DKK
Cappuccino / Flat White / Latte35 DKK
Masala Chai35 DKK
Matcha Latte35 DKK
Hot chocolate35 DKK
Tea30 DKK
Warm ginger/lemon/honney40 DKK
Ice Coffee40 DKK
Home Brewed Elderflower w. lemon40 DKK
Fresh Lemon Soda40 DKK
Slow Juice; apple, beet, ginger, lemon50 DKK
Slow Juice; apple, carrot, tumeric, lemon50 DKK
Møn Vand, Sparkling Water25 DKK

To take home

Sourdough bread45 DKK
Rye bread50 DKK
Sourdough bun12 DKK
Rye bun15 DKK
Sourdough gluten free bun15 DKK



You can pre-order bread for pick-up on saturdays and sundays.
Saturdays at Hårbøllehuset, pick-up between 10am and 2pm.
Sundays at Dagli’ Brugsen in Borre, pick-up between 10am og 6pm.
Saturdays and Sundays at Øbageren between 10am and 2pm.

Pre-orders are made through mobilepay or in person at the bakery. Orders must be placed on thursdays at 10am at the latest, and only for the coming weekend.

Pick-up in Hårbølle:
Bags with name tags will be placed inside or outside under the roof, in case 'Café Måske' is closed.

Pick-up in Borre:
Give your name and last four digits of the telephone number used in MobilePay at the counter.

Pre-orders for all other days should be made in the bakery or by text message to 61 33 66 70. Ordinary prices apply.

Pose 11 Sourdough bread45
Pose 21 Rye bread50
Pose 31 Sourdough bread
1 Rye bread
Pose 410 Sourdough buns100
Pose 51 Sourdough bread
1 Rye bread
4 Sourdough buns
+ bolleSourdough bun (only as extra order)10

Pre-order guide

The given amount is transfered to MobilePay 39198 and the order is written in the comment box. HEre are a few examples:
"Hårbølle, Pose 3 + 5x bolle" - transfer 140 kr
"Øbageren - Saturday, Pose 5" - transfer 130 kr


Our passion for good food extends the bounds of the bakery in itself. We offer more 'real' foods as catering for parties, workshops and such.

This is where YogaNamNam really lives on. We can cater to as few as 10 people but give us a ring for more details.

Menu examples:

Side orders: Good for barbecue
Potato salat with lovage pesto
Green beans with hazelnuts and goat feta
A whiff of India: Warm food
Rich daal
Parsley and sour cream
Cabbage salad w. salted almonds
Rice or bread
Simple cold lunch1
Traditional danish egg salad
Hommus, pickled cucumber & mayo
Cabbage salad w. salted almonds
Goat feta and tomato
Sourdough bread


The high quality that we deliver is largely due to the people that stand behind us. We are just the last link in a chain of people who put their hearts and hard work into creating the foods that we serve. The following is a small selection of these people, which is in no way complete. Behind them there are others, and behind them yet more. Hands and hearts, hands and hearts.

Most of our flour is made by Per Grube, the man and heart behind Kornby Mølle. With more than 30 years of enthusiasm for good bread and organic farming it is diffucult to imagine a better supplier.

For more than 25 years Sjak Boot has lead the biodynamic garden in the adult center Vidarslund, which is a part of Marjatta. We love picking up vegetables from him and getting lost in his plant kingdom.

To share the same island as an organic coffee roaster, with such great taste as Michael Bode from Øristeriet, is almost too good to be true. But is is true and we rejoice in it.

Jesper and Kung represent the 4th generation on Birkemosegård in Sjællands Odde, where they grow the most terrific biodynamic and organic vegetables. And we love them!

On the four farms Traneholt, Mosegård, Bakken og Sognefogedgården north of Stege two generations cultivate the land together. To have them in our neighbourhood is quite a privilege.

On this fantastic island we are surrounded by a number of passionate and skilled growers and enthusiasts. Many thanks to all of them for sharing their love for plants with us.